Industrial Vacuuming Services
Professional Service for Over 20 Years!

OC Industrial Services specializes in many forms of industrial vacuuming. Ninety-five percent of what we do involves vacuum removal! We provide Industrial vacuuming and cleaning to businesses throughout the Mid-West - Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upper Michigan, Iowa, and Illionis.

We are confined space certified. We have the “know-how” and equipment to safely service boilers, tanks and other vessels in the most effective manner. We specialize in cleaning "bridged" grain bins (silos). OC Industrial Services stands out in its ability to clean plant overheads. Roughly one-half of our contracts involve this! We don’t rent our aerial equipment, we own it! In this market, our experience is unmatched!

Our vacuum experience is matched to the right equipment for each job. For heavy or sticky materials we have vacuum trucks that supply 28” of vacuum and move over 5000 CFM (cubic feet per minute). For sound sensitive environments we provide the quietest 28” vacuum unit on the market! For lighter dusts we supply the needed vacuum with highly fuel-efficient units. The lower our costs the lower the rate billed to You!

Where do we put the material after we remove it? Wherever You want it! Non-hazardous waste can be simply dumped in a landfill. Is the landfill a substantial distance from your site? We can eliminate the costly lost time due to transporting the waste by utilizing our "High Dump" capabilities. We are able to off-load into open-topped dumpsters that are on-site.

Using our satellite cyclone we can off-load special wastes into drums, super sacks or other containers, even while the actual removal is taking place! Spills can be recovered in the same manner.

We can pull most material literally hundreds of feet to our vacuum unit(s). Want to put it back? No problem! Using our Dense phase off-load we can pressurize our holding tank and reverse the process! Not only can we convey material long horizontal distances to remote locations, but also up to 150 feet vertically into vessels such as silos or tanks! Don’t consider spills wasted. Let us recover it!

Our specialists are trained to be full-time vacuum tradesmen. Their manager has 40 years of “personal” full-time Industrial vacuuming experience. Their focus is not split between multiple trades.

Whether it is chunk, dust, sludge, or liquids, we can relocate most anything. Combining the right vacuum/recovery unit with a wealth of vacuum knowledge, we offer this in the most safe, timely, cost-effective manner!

  • Industrial Vacuuming Applications Include:

  • Ash (of any kind)
  • sand
  • sludge
  • liquids
  • gravel
  • stone
  • pulp
  • coal
  • insulation
  • lime
  • cement
  • starch
  • salt cake
  • wood chips
  • saw dust
  • poly resin
  • steel shot
  • RTO Media

Most anything that will fit into an 8" diameter hose can be moved using the vacuum method.

Industrial Vacuuming

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